I’m back

XVG screenshot

After a prolonged hiatus, during which much happened — in the public sphere as well as my private one — I am back online w/ a brand new Dell XPS 8940 comp with a fantastic HP Quad HD 27″ monitor.

XVG design closeup

I am going to spend however much time it takes to up my JS and SVG programming skills  by going through  two intense technical books — there are few shortcuts in learning how to program well.


Only then will I resume working on XVG:  which was going fine in autodidactic (self learning) programming mode until I started hitting various event listener complexities.

This step back in learning mode will result (I hope) in a cleaner, more elegant, sophisticated code base.

Once XVG is in a stable enough state produce beautiful Islamic geometry designs on the fly, I plan — Allah willing! — to reward myself with a full 4K UHD display.