Why XVG Matters

Islamic design pattern
(c) E. Broug

I am about to refactor the JS I have written so far for the SPA called XVG.

But today I decided to use the current beta version of XVG to try to recreate one of the simpler patterns you find in Eric Broug’s Islamic Geometric Patterns book.

It’s the one you find on p. 46, which Broug calls the Abd el Samad Complex pattern.

First I used XVG to reproduce the manual steps he outlines in this section of the book.

this took a couple of minutes, but quickly went South.

So I used to Gimp to replicate the pattern.

That didn’t turn out that great either.

So finally I created an SVG version using Inkscape and importing the Broug gif.

You can see how crappy the lines look up close, which is why I am building — wait for it now — yes, XVG!