XVG YouTube channel

I created this video using a simple Chrome screen recorder. It saves vids used the .webm file format — which looks crappy when uploaded to Utube.
I will convert the next one to mp4 once I get a mic set up on my desktop.

So what I show here is the ability to use “fixed line drawing” by clicking on markers, as well as “free line” by dragging the mouse.

I also demo how you can save svg elements to the WebSQL db, and delete them at the doubleclick of a button, either from the SVG screen workspace or the HTML db table. You cannot do this normally using WebSQL from the browser.

It is annoying how the cursor does not appear in the SVG workspace, but I will see if there is some kind of workaround.

Currently I’m in the process of rewriting XVG (about 1000 lines of JS so far) to make use of the cool event listener dispatching scheme I came up with last week.

This will make the code much cleaner and easier to maintain.

I will discuss this dispatching setup in future vids, once I am finished writing it.

The idea of these vids is not to be slick but to show the progress I am making in a simple way that does not take up too much time to produce.