The Web SQL Pagination Blues

html table

Unfortunately, it looks like Web SQL does not support the ROW_NUMBER Window function that comes with standard SQLITE.

Too bad.  Obviously it is trivial to get a dynamic result set row count using standard SQL (see pic above), but I was hoping to use ROW_NUMBER to make building pagination easier.

No worries.

I’ll figure out something.

Meanwhile, how do you like the font on my standalone version of XVG DB?

It is called Metrophobic — the old joke is that it refers to people who are bugged out by metrosexuals — and I think its geometric qualities would really suit XVG. *

Perhaps you might be interested in learning the tragic story of its late creator, a typographer whose designs are among the most widely used on Google fonts.

* 9/21/20 changed the linked to google fonts I was using to a downloaded version Metrophobic. Looks cool. Thanks, in memoriam, Vernon Adams!