Mango DB is here

Made various small adjustments to the user interface yesterday.  Now the DB tool can be toggled on and off from the XVG main menu.  It appears below the SVG design section, where I have also moved the SVG live mouse coordinates log.

Began work on how to delete an HTML table row, while also deleting its associated Web SQL row.  This is not as simple as it first appears, and will require some thought and coding skill.

Next on my To Do list is  beefing up the remaining core functionality of this micro database workbench tool — which I have decided to call MangoDB.  Only a database nerd would appreciate the pun.

Maybe one day there’ll be a “standalone” version (ie, not tied to the XVG meta schema) — perhaps as a modest chrome extension, that will be more full featured and work with Deno and SQLite proper.

Just in case, I grabbed the domain

And here is a png version of the MangoDB SVG that I turned into an icon that appears at the bottom of the XVG when you click <View->Repository->Show>: