XVG Tech Stack

data model
Partial view of XVG’s abstract data model

XVG is an SPA that I’m (slowly) constructing as I learn JS.

It supports the point-and-click generation of elaborate SVG geometric designs.

These are the technologies I’m using to build it:


CSS3 grid

SVG2 (where supported, otherwise 1.1)

I toyed with the idea of TypeScript, but , no, transpiling would make debugging too complicated.   Native ES6 sounds likes the way to go.

Also considered DENO (runtime for SQLite connection module. Nah. Good for chat or apps that require heavy event listening handling on a JS server.  XVG does not need anything like that.

SQLite:?  The problem here is you cannot connect to it unless you use the SQLite3 module that requires node.,js or the Electron framework, or Deno. With Dexie, things are far simpler, in terms of connecting to the store, but alas you lose SQL functionality.

Btw, I love my XVG!  It may not be fancy, but it’s a unique SVG generator:  I have not seen anything like it out there, yet anyway.

XVG doodle


Now I need some kind of geometric data model in order to move forward with XVG in terms of persistence.  More on that in future posts.

Gonna start figuring out how create one for Dexie.js.

Vastly impressed by David Fahlander’s Dexie JS code, btw:   I should be half as a good one day.

Then again, I am just learning all this stuff as I go along — I am not a professional programmer, just a fan of Islamic geometric patterns who is givng SVG a whirl.